Professional Development:

I am EMDRIA Certified Therapist** For more information on certification, please check out the following links    

EMDR in the Treatment of Chronic Pain. Nov 18, 2021. Live Webinar.Instructor Mark Grant

Compassionate Inquiry Master Class: A powerful approach for healing anxiety, addictions, ADHD and more. Nov 2021. Online Course. Instructor Gabor Mate

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT): Experiential Course. Jan 2021 (Online Course - 2 days - Instructor Richard W Sears))

Working with Chronic Shame, Resistance and Traumatic Memory in Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders. Nov 2020. (Webinar - 2 days- Instructor Kathy Steele)


EMDR Advanced Training: Working with Defenses, Parts and Resistance in Children during Initial Phases of EMDR Therapy. Oct 2020 (Webinar - Instructor - Ana Gomez)

EMDR Advanced Training: Working with Parents within an Attachment - EMDR Systemic Approach. Aug 2020 (Webinar - Instructor - Ana Gomez)

EMDR Advanced Training: In Person and Online Stabilization and EMDR Preparation Strategies for Children. July 2020 (Webinar - Instructor - Ana Gomez)

EMDR Advanced Training: EMDR Mind Mapping. Dec 2019. (Live Webinar - Instructor- Sue Genest)

EMDR Advanced Training: Mastering the Float Back in EMDR. Nov 7, 2019 (Live Webinar - Instructor- Sue Genest)


EMDR Advanced Training: Ego State Interventions. June 14-15, 2019 (Live Webinar - Instructor - Robin Shapiro)


EMDR Advanced Training: When There Are no Words: Reprocessing Early Trauma & Neglect Held in Implicit Memory. May 31 and June 1, 2019. (Calgary – Instructor Sandra Paulsen)

EMDR Flash Technique. Feb 9, 2019 (Live Webinar)

EMDR Advanced Training in Treating Dissociative Disorders with EMDR: The Progressive Approach, EMDR Therapy for Suicidal clients and Self-harming behaviors and Working with hostile voices and parts of the personality in complex trauma and dissociative disorders. December 7, 8, 9, 2018 (Live Webinar – Instructor Delores Mosquero)


EMDR Advanced Training for Children and Youth: Making EMDR Therapy Effective and Developmentally Appropriate for Children, EMDR-Sand tray Protocol and Complex Trauma. Attachment and Dissociative Symptoms-Treating Children with Emotional Regulation and Constriction Nov 2-4, 2018 (Calgary – Instructor Ana Gomez)


EMDR Basic Training April 2018-July 2018 (Victoria – Instructor Sue Genest)

Post-Traumatic Growth for Loss, Grief and Related Trauma: Guide Your Clients through the Losses in Life and Help Them Reinvest Themselves in a Life Worth Living. Sept 2018 (Digital Seminar)

An Intensive 2-Day Workshop on Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents. Feb 2018 (Digital Seminar - Instructor Paul Foxman )


ABAI Conference. Assessment and Treatment of Children with Behavioural Disorders. Understanding Resilience and PTSD Through Behaviour Analysis. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. May 2018 (SanDiego – Instructors -Variety)

3-Day Certificate Course: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I): Evidence-based Insomnia Interventions for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Pain, TBI, Sleep Apnea and Nightmares (March 2018) (Live Webcast)


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Intensive Training & Certificate Course. Aug  2018 (Online Course)


Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk’s Trauma Treatment Mastery Course. August 2018 (Online Course)


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: An Experiential and Practical Introduction.

Portland, Oregon. Dec 1-2, 2017


Teaching Early Social Skills. Relias Learning. Online Certificate. July 6, 2017


SPE 567: Ethics.  Arizona State University June-July 2017


Critical Issues in Joint Attention in Children with Autism. Relias Learning. Online Certificate. June 11, 2017


Ethical Dilemmas and Decisions in ABA. Relias Learning. Online Certificate. May 20, 2017


Ethical Guidelines for ABA Practitioners. Relias Learning. Online Certificate. May 20, 2017


Ethics and Clients Rights. Relias Learning. Online Certificate. May 19, 2017


Social and Behavioural Responsible Conduct of Research. Research, Ethics and Society. CITI Program. Online Certificate. May 2017


Social and Behavioural Research. CITI Program. Online Certificate. May 2017


9th Annual BC ABA Conference, University of British Columbia, March 2017