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Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Highly Sensitive Person and Empaths 

The scientific name is sensory processing sensitivity. This is an innate trait not a disorder. Approximately 20% of the population are born with this trait. So far scientists have discovered this trait in over 100 different species. Sensory processing sensitivity is on a spectrum, so the higher on the spectrum, the more likely you are also an empath. 

Some signs you are an empath

  1. You are a deep thinker

  2. You see the whole picture and a variety of solutions- think outside of the box

  3. Decision making May be difficult 

  4. You feel drained after spending time in a group setting, even if you had an amazing time

  5. You thrive in 1-1 settings 

  6. As a child, you were labelled as “too sensitive” 

  7. You get overwhelmed often

  8. Your sensory system takes in a lot of stimuli and goes into overload e.g bright lights, certain sounds may be bothersome 

  9. You need time to process information and do not like being put on the spot

  10. Multitasking feels activating, a slower pace feels better 

  11. You are very spiritual

  12. You enjoy rich deep conversations and don’t enjoy small talk 

  13. A high % of Empaths are introverts (approx 70%) in other words you fill your cup up with “aloning”

  14. You are creative 

  15. You love nature, you find being in nature very healing 

  16. You can feel others peoples feelings

  17. You can “vibe” out a person and/or place quickly 

  18. You may be able to feel another persons physical pain 

  19. You are kind and compassionate 

  20. You enjoy helping others- sometimes forgetting to take care of yourself 


If you’ve answered yes to some of these, you’re most likely an empath. 


During our sessions together I’ll provide information on all the gifts associated with being an empath. We will Rebuild your sense of self and connection to others. We’ll look at any challenges you may face. I am very passionate about developing wellness plans and developing individualized resources

(calming, alerting, thinking and sensory tools) to flow this world, in a balanced way, as your amazing sensitive self. 


I am an Empath and through personal experience and professional development, I know we can thrive in this world. The world needs us now more than ever.

Inner Peace

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If you feel a connection with the information on my site, Please feel free to connect with me. 


Rebecca Oliver M.Ed., RCC

250-608-4446 or

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