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Professional Development

I am very passionate about continual growth and learning, both personally and professionally. 


Professional Development:

Surviving a Narcissist: 2023


The Resilient Heart - Trauma Sensitive Heartmath Certification: 2023


HSP Bloom - Understanding and Loving Who You are as a Sensitive Person: 2022


Empowering Empaths and Highly Sensitive People: 2022


EMDR Treatment of Chronic Pain: 2021

Compassionate Inquiry Master Class: 2021

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy: 2021

EMDR Working with Chronic Shame, Resistance and Traumatic Memory in Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders: 2020


EMDR Working with Defenses, Parts and Resistance in Children during Initial Phases of EMDR Therapy: Oct 2020 

EMDR Working with Parents within an Attachment: 2020 

EMDR In Person and Online Stabilization and EMDR Preparation Strategies for Children. July 2020 ​

EMDR Mastering the Float Back: 2019 


EMDR Ego State Interventions: 2019


EMDR When There Are no Words: Reprocessing Early Trauma & Neglect Held in Implicit Memory: 2019

EMDR Flash Technique: 2019 

EMDR Advanced Training in Treating Dissociative Disorders: 2018 


EMDR Advanced Training for Children and Youth: 2018 


EMDR Basic Training: 2018

Post-Traumatic Growth for Loss, Grief and Related Trauma: 2018 

Treating Anxiety Disorders in Children & Adolescents: 2018


​Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia: 2018


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certificate: 2018 


Dr. Bessel A. van der Kolk’s Trauma Treatment Mastery Course: 2018


Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: 2017

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Registration #: 15357

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